Intelligent Audio Products is an American company based in Bridgeport, CT that manufactures high quality audio products, including our acclaimed line of outdoor PlanterSpeakers and Groovetone Audio.  We also offer precision woodworking services.

Sono Box speaker

Our premium outdoor product, PlanterSpeakers, integrate beautifully into their surroundings and also serve as a focal point in any design scheme or d├ęcor. All models may be used with live flowers or plants and for indoor use, certain models can be ordered with a special removable planter pot.


Unboxing The Best wireless speakers with custom Sonos Amp enclosure audiophile Floor standing . A beautifully designed speaker for any room with the benefits of Sonos streaming music and

Amazing outdoor speakers and a Sonos custom box called the Sono-Box.Planterspeakers / Madison Fielding are legendary in audiophile amps and outdoor speakers. Here is a review of the Terracotta/Granite traditional planter speaker, The Sono-Box speaker and the Awesome Flagstone Outdoor Planter Speaker.

The Best 4 outdoor Speakers with Audiophile custom handmade amplifier for Awesome Sound. 4 X 250 watts per channel. Custom configurable speaker arrangements in beautiful custom made indoor and outdoor speakers. These are the best outdoor speakers money can buy. These speakers have the best sound and may be the most expensive outdoor custom hand made outdoor speakers on the market.